Jerry Brown and Legislative Democrats told college students that, if we helped pass the Prop. 30 tax hike, tuition rates would stop climbing and more students could go to California public universities. The reality: Democrats have repeatedly failed to provide adequate funding for the UC and CSU systems, leading to more than 20,000 California millennials being blocked from universities after high school. Tell the Democrats it's time they honor their promises and give us OUR money.

Give Colleges Their Prop. 30 Money!

Gov. Brown and Legislative Democrats:

When campaigning to pass Proposition 30, you made the deal clear: pass it and enjoy tuition freezes and increased funding for higher education or let the budget cuts and tuition hikes continue.

Two years later, you failed to give California State University students the adequate funding for 2014-2015, shutting out at least 20,000 qualified California high school graduates from a public university.

Honor your promises to voters. Give us our Prop. 30 money!


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