California College Republicans help elect Faulconer

California College Republicans help elect Faulconer

By Jordan Gurnett, CCR Chief of Staff

This past Tuesday, San Diego chose experience and integrity when it elected Republican City Councilman Kevin Faulconer to fill the unexpired term of disgraced former Democratic mayor Bob Filner. San Diegans, by a 54.5% margin, said no to David Alvarez and union special interests, and yes to community driven solutions. Republican Kevin Faulconer defeated Democratic City Councilmember David Alvarez by a stunning 9 point margin in a city where Republicans are the 3rd party.

We should all be proud of the campaign team assembled by Councilman Faulconer and the San Diego County Republican Party for putting together one of the largest and arguably best ground games ever seen in California. This ground team contributed to Kevin Faulconer’s 57% win for absentee ballots. More than 200 people were out on election day to poll watch and turnout voters for the Faulconer campaign, and Republicans actually outperformed Democrats in election day poll voting.

As College Republicans, we should also be proud of our contributions. We brought hundreds of college students to knock on doors for Kevin – not only because he was Republican, but because we believed in his message. A message geared towards creating a better business climate, making City Hall more transparent, and restoring desperately needed services to the City of San Diego. He would often say, “There’s no Democrat or Republican way to fix a pothole.” The message, as College Republicans, that we need to bring back to our campuses is that Republicans have solutions to fixing the potholes in our roads, solutions to make sure students have job opportunities after graduation, and solutions to make government and its officials more accountable to those who vote them into office.

And there are some chapters who went above and beyond to help Kevin Faulconer become Mayor. Point Loma College Republicans provided more than 30 students to fill the local campaign offices and pound pavement. Fresno City College Republicans filled 3 full vans and brought 30 people out for Super Saturday. Channel Islands never missed a GOTV statewide deployment, and Sac State College Republicans made it for the statewide volunteer walks, and made phone calls from the Sacramento Republican Party office. Deputy Central Coast Vice Chair Ivy Allen and the Pepperdine College Republicans were out knocking on doors and making phone calls every chance they could get. College Republicans throughout the state unified behind one candidate and one message and the results were seen on election night.

College Republicans; thanks to your help and the help of hundreds of other Republicans across the state and in San Diego, we helped elect a Republican mayor to the second largest city in California.