What is CCR?

California College Republicans (CCR) is the premiere Conservative grassroots organization on college campuses in California. We recruit, train, and empower College Republicans to combat liberal bias on campus, and help to elect Republicans throughout our state.

College Republican membership is open to all undergraduate and graduate student Republicans. Want to make a difference on your campus, in your community, and throughout our state? Join now.

What do we do?

The California College Republican’s mission is to recruit, inform, train, and empower every existing and potential College Republican in the state of California. College campuses today are ideological battlegrounds for the future of America due to the liberal dominion over college faculty, curriculum, and administration. This is especially dangerous for the future of America and the Republican Party because partisanship is chosen between the ages of 18 and 24.

We work for the future of the Republican Party and its principles of limited government, opportunity, and freedom. Every day, we realize our obligation to preserve the Republican Party by balancing debate on California’s liberal college campuses and fulfilling our mission. We are here to influence the future now.

2016 Election Cycle

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